If you really enjoy the service Restarter provides and want to help the developer out, please consider supporting financially via GitHub sponsors or on the Patreon page.

All the money raised through GitHub Sponsors and Patreon goes straight into helping the bots, through covering hosting costs as well as investing in development time.

💸 Direct financial support:

To simply support the developer financially, donating via GitHub Sponsors is the best option.
Find out more at

Donations to support the developer through GitHub Sponsors do not unlock bot perks.

🪄 Donate to unlock perks:

If you're looking to support the developer and unlock perks within the bot in return, please make sure to donate via Patreon.
You can find out more about donating and unlocking perks at

Currently, the following donator perks are available to patrons:

  • Get access to the #donators Discord channel for dedicated live chat and donator-only insight into the bot development.
  • Raise the ChannelReacts limit per-channel from 5 reactions to 10 reactions on each message.
  • Raise the ChannelReacts limit per-server from 20 channels to 100 channels configurable.
  • Raise the ReactRoles limit per-server from 50 messages to 200 messages configurable.
  • Enables the ability to restrict a ReactRoles message to a single role for a user at a time.

Any perks unlocked through pledging will only remain active for the duration of the Patreon pledge.

💙 Thank you for any support you can give and for using the bot even if you cannot directly support the developer!

Bot Limits

Feature Standard Limit Donator Limit
ChannelReacts (reactions per channel) 5 reactions 2x — 10 reactions
ChannelReacts (channels per server) 20 channels 5x — 100 channels
ReactRoles (messages per server) 50 messages 4x — 200 messages
SingleReactRoles Unavailable Available