Restarter v3

Privacy Policy

By using Restarter v3, whether you have read these notices or not, you agree to the following data being stored as needed for Restarter v3 to operate and provide its functionality.

During normal operations to provide functionality, Restarter v3 stores the following data in its database:

  • Role IDs
  • Guild IDs
  • Message IDs
  • User IDs
  • User provided settings (delays, emojis, command names, event names)

This data is stored securely in the database used for Restarter v3 and is not shared with anyone else.
This data is needed to provide the Restarter v3 functionality and its features.

In the event of an error being encountered, Restarter v3 may send the following data to Sentry for error logging:

  • Guild IDs & Names
  • Channel IDs & Names
  • User IDs & Names
  • Message IDs & Contents

This data is shared with and stored securely by Sentry, you can read their privacy policy at
This data is needed to help our developers with debugging any errors users encounter when using Restarter v3.

For more information on what data we store and use, or why we need it, please contact IPv4 by joining the Restarter v3 support server.