Terms of Service

All features of Restarter may under no circumstances be limited to anyone through any form of monetization without explicit prior consent from the bot owner.

Certain features and functionality within the bot may be restricted via monetization or any other method at the discretion of the bot owner only.
Whilst features may be locked behind monetization, the aim with Restarter will always be to ensure that all core features remain free.

The bot owner and developers may remove the bot from your Discord server at any time without reason or warning.
We hope to never need to do this, but if we discover a server that is abusing Restarter in a way we find to be unacceptable, or for any other reason, we may need to step in and remove the bot.

Any features you have purchased or otherwise unlocked through official Restarter channels may be revoked at any time without reason or warning. These, and any payment, will not be refunded.

Restarter and its owners will in no way be held responsible for any violation of law caused by the end-user through the services and features the bot provides. This responsibility lies solely with the end-user of the bot.